Al-Fakher Shisha

Premium Flavored Shisha Tobacco

Founded in the United Arab Emirates, Al Father has been passionate about shisha since 1999.

Our Molasses are made from the finest tobaccos and are infused with exquisite European flavor infusions to create a rich, unrivaled, full smoking experience for our shisha enthusiasts.

We are proud of our Middle Eastern heritage and our place in the growing shisha community around the globe. For us, smoking shisha is about taking the time to slow down and appreciate life. It is a time where cultures meet and when people from all walks of life come together. Pausing for thought and contemplation, taking the opportunity to reveal the deeper connections in life – links between problems and solutions, test between friends and strangers, bridges between generations.


Two apples – Watermelon – Mint – Grape – Cocktail – Guava – Lemon Orange – Peach – Strawberry – and more

Starbuzz Shisha

Premium Flavored Shisha Tobacco


Blue Mist

Code 69

Queen of Sex

Pirates Cave

Pink Lady

Blue Surfer

Iris Peach

Safari Melon De

Product of U.E.

Haze Shisha

Premium Flavored Shisha Tobacco

With over 25 years of experience, the pioneers of the U.S.A. flavored hookah tobacco industry have created the ultimate hookah tobacco… Haze TTobaccoTM. Our hand crafted premium blends are flavored to an unparalleled perfection. Finally, the social hookah experience is now complete with Haze Tobacco.

Haze TobaccoTM was created by an elite collective of accomplished enthusiasts. We have enlisted the finest individuals to make your hookah experience unforgettable.

Each Flavor is carefully manufactured to excellence. With our patented ‘Stack N Haze’ containers we eliminate the hassles of storage. This allows you to always store your favorite combinations together. 

We use the world’s finest combination of ingredients to create unique flavors. With our grand selection of wonderful flavors, you will want to try them all. We are based in Texas, so we do things…BIG. BIG on flavor, BIG white clouds of smoke, and BIG on satisfaction…That;s Haze TobaccoTM. Our flavors will revolutionize this tradition putting Haze Tobacco into a new class.

Haze TobaccoTM is for those who expect nothing but…Simply the BestTM





Honey Dew

Oh Boy Explotion

Panty Dropper

Candy Apple Love

Double Bubble


Don Fizzle

Carnival Nights


Hazel Eyez

Haze Colada

Ice Berg

Lemon Mint

Skills On The Rocks

Melon Blast


Orange Swirl

Chocolate Ice


Peach Cooler

Quack Quack